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75 Degrees in Our House

75 Degrees in Our House

Our stove is back together and running great! Thanks so much for your help, the temp in the house is 75 and we love it! Your company is wonderful.


Testimonial By: Michelle
Friday 12 December, 2036
Warm in Ottawa

Warm in Ottawa

Hi Jada,

I wanted to write and thank you for your your excellent service. I received my fan and installed with the instructions you provided. It works perfectly and all is warm and well in Ottawa! I will keep your company as my parts supplier, excellent service & products.

Jamie - Ottawa, Canada

Testimonial By: Jamie
Thursday 11 December, 2036
Great Customer Service!

Great Customer Service!


Thanks for your excellent, speedy service. I placed the order.

Cheers. Barry Happy Canadian Customer

Testimonial By: Barry
Sunday 30 November, 2036
I'm Going to Tell Your Boss

I'm Going to Tell Your Boss

Hi Sara - I want you to know that you're the FIRST AND ONLY PERSON who didn't
just come out and tell me they don't make em anymore and good luck. It's a pretty
frustrating challenge to find this part. I've seen one online for $409 or they can
"possibly" rebuild them for $250 and that takes a few weeks to a few months.
Cripes! It's easier to just buy a new stove - maybe that's what they want. This little stove has been truly outstanding (a real workhorse) for our family as it heats our entire home when the power is out in winter (just connect the generator).
So, again Sara, I thank you VERY MUCH for what you do and the lead you provided me.
If your company doesn't know the support you provide the customers, I'd be apauled.
If you'd provide an email to your CEO I'd "gladly" forward this to him or her.

With great appreciation
Medical Lake, Wash

Testimonial By: Tom
Sunday 30 November, 2036
Thank You So Much

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much, I was not looking for something for nothing. It is really encouraging to see a company go to such lengths to satisfy a customer. I will not forget your generosity. I will be back when I, or others that I recommend your Co. to, need anything you offer. Again I can't thank you enough.

Testimonial By: Frank Fiorentino  — Ashburnham, MA, United States
Thursday 16 January, 2014