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Pellet Stove Repair Parts

Earth Stove BV400C Parts List

Door and Glass Parts
27M67 Clip Set, Glass
H0537 Door Assembly, Gold (handle included)
86-128 Gasket Kit, 3/4" Door Rope (includes adhesive)
27M81 Gasket Kit, Door Glass (10' of 10580)
G400-7 Glass, Large Arched 11 x 17" (gasket not included)
G410 Glass, Side 4 x 8 3/4" (gasket not included. order 2 if set is needed)
LB-102214 Handle Assembly
11529 Hinge Pin 10 L 18 (Original) Requires Welding
11531 Hinge Pin, Retrofit (requires drill #3 [.213""] & Tap 1/4"-28 UNF. order 2 if set is needed)
10362 Torque Plate (Latch)
11538 Trim, Left Side Gold  
11540 Trim, Right Side Gold  
Draft Module Parts
907 Handle, Draft Module Coil
26M68 Module Assembly, Draft (controls burn rate)
Catalytic Combustor Parts
11000 Clip, Combustor  
ESCC Combustor Assembly 2" (*SN<7802) - Includes ceramics, gasket & housing
14000 Combustor Assembly 3" (*SN>7802) - Includes ceramics, gasket & housing
BV100 Probe, Combustor Temperature  
11485 Housing, Combustor
11481H Gasket, Interam Combustor (1/16"x3"x36")
Room Air Blower Parts
410-25L  Blower Assembly, Left  
410-25R  Blower Assembly, Right  
11565 Disc, Low Limit (fan disc for blowers, F110°-20F, 60T12)
LB-102280 Wire Harness Kit (Includes Left Side Crossover Wire Harness,  Right Side Wire Harness and Power Cord
10050087 Knob, Rheostat
LB-101496 Motor, Blower, 1 ea. (includes metal propeller)
26M22 Power Cord (does not include power cord restraint, p/n 2062)
2062 Restraint, Power Cord
42M1401 Propeller, Metal Blower Motor
528 Rheostat, Blower Speed Control (knob not included)
410-270 Switch, On/Off  (Bypass)
410-260 Terminal Block, Large
410-265 Terminal Block, Small
Surround Parts  
2046 Bracket, Surround Trim ("L" bracket / corner key. order 2 if set is needed) 02046
410-43 Insulation Kit Set, Surround
430 Surround Assembly, Standard 48" x 32"
430XL Trim Kit, Gold Tone, 48" x 32" (standard)
26M69 Trim Kit, Gold Tone, 48" x 35 1/2" (taller side trim for units with optional ash drawer installed)
Miscellaneous Parts
775005M Manual, Installation and Operation (owners manual)
Firebox Parts  
11711 Cover, Ash Dump (w/ Gasket 4 1/4 x 8 3/8" x 1/2")
26M70 Damper Kit, Bypass (damper, linkage and rod)
LB-102215 Damper Stop (sleeve for damper rod to limit travel of damper door)
FB17  Firebrick, 3 ¼ x 5 1/8 x 0"" Regular (order 2, if set is needed)   
FB16  Firebrick, 8 ¾ x 2 ¼ x 5 1/8"" Regular (order 2, if set is needed)  
FB22  Firebrick, 9 x 3 ¼"" Regular (order 2, if set is needed)  
FB-1  Firebrick, 9 x 4 ½"" Regular (order 8, if set is needed)  
FB-2  Firebrick, 9 x 4 ½"" w/ Notch (order 4, if set is needed)  
11812 Gasket, Ash Dump (4 1/4 x 8 3/8 x 1/2")
C-200-51 Hook, Damper (Coil handle with hook for opening / closing  damper bypass)
11400 Upper Channel Replacement Kit (Tunnel Baffle) Includes Damper Parts
Blower assemblies include 2 blowers w/ propellers, mounting bracket and terminal block.
All firebrick are 1 ¼"" thick
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