Chimney Liner

Homesaver UltraPro has many fans simply because it is hands down the easiest liner to install. In fact the development of  Homesaver UltraPro (.005") and it's big brother Homesaver Pro (.006"), created a whole new category of liner, High Performance Light. It's unique engineering magically combines the great strength of a heavy liner, like Homesaver Roundflex, with the light weight of a light liner like Simpson DuraFlex. The unmatched flexibility of UltraPro allows it to be uncoiled out of the box quickly and easily and means it can negotiate even multiple bends in a chimney with surprising ease. That and it's low price is probably why your installer is recommending it to you. But don't be put off by the light weight of this liner. The beauty of it is that it is also extremely rugged and reliable. That is why it comes with a lifetime warranty that can even be transferred to future homeowners.